Hey, Roommates! Most people don’t go into a marriage thinking about how much they can come up off of a divorce. In Hollywood, it’s hard to tell, but thank God for a prenup! Some of the following celebs signed prenups, but they still may not have worked in their favor. Swipe to read up on some of the biggest divorce settlements in recent years and take notes!!


Mary J. Blige & Kendu Isaacs

#MaryJBlige was ordered to pay her estranged husband #KenduIsaacs $30,000 in temporary spousal support plus $235K in back payments and legal fees. Why not throw in a private jet at this point…

Mel B. & Stephen Belafonte

The former Spice Girl was recently ordered to her soon-to-be ex husband $40,000 in spousal support! That’s somebody’s college tuition!

Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy

After 17 years of marriage, Juanita collected half of Michael’s fortune in 2006. She took the $168 million along with custody of the kids and their 7-acre Chicago mansion. It would have been cheaper to keep her, damn!

Torrei Hart & Kevin Hart

Torrei received a lump sum of $175K when she and Kevin divorced.

Nas & Kelis

Back in 2009, a superior court judge ordered for Nas to pay up $51,101 per month in spousal and child support payments to ex-wife Kelis! Her milkshake brought Nas’s bank account to his knees

Sherri Shepherd & Lamar Sally

When this couple divorced after nine years together, Sally received a very modest lump sum of $60,000.

Britney Spears & Kevin Federline

Britney once paid K-Fed $20K in monthly spousal support, but that all ended when he remarried.

Janet Jackson & René Elizondo

René was married to Janet from ’91-’00 and ended up suing her for spousal support since they had a prenup. He walked away with a reported $10 million.

Jennifer Lopez & Cris Judd

Cris Judd reportedly earned £10 million after an eight month marriage to Jennifer Lopez back in 2001 while she was filming Gigli. What’s crazy is that her co-star Ben Affleck made a toast at their wedding. Your replacement is always near, y’all!


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