We reported on Thursday the unfortunate death of comedian and actor, Gary Shandling, but there’s new evidence TSR has learned and this once is set to go under investigation!


Shandling, 66, was transported to the L.A Hospital after a 911 call indicated that he had a “medical emergency” but there was no specifics to what type of medical condition he was in.


According to TMZ, Shandling’s doctor will not sign off on the death certificate of the comedian because he doesn’t quite understand how he died in the first place! The doctor reveals that Shandling was in good health since the last time he saw him over a year ago, but now the doctor’s refusal to sign is leading into a death investigation by the L.A County Coroner.


Coroner investigators will determine themselves how Shandling was actually put to rest, by starting with blood work taken from the ER and they’ve subpoenaed records from the doctor to be taken upon action.


Some family members of Shandling’s said he had a heart attack, but now it is all up in the air until coroner investigators find out the real cause of his death.



TSR Intern: Charise W.

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