#Roommates, remember when a jury awarded Priscilla Rainey a total of $7.1 million after she hit The Game with a lawsuit for sexually abusing her during an after-hours date on his show “She’s Got Game”? Well, it’s no secret that he’s appealing that ruling but he’s also suing Viacom for negligence, claiming the company never screened Rainey before letting her come on the show.

Bossip obtained court papers and it’s clear The Game isn’t backing down without a fight with Viacom.

“Despite having knowledge and being fully aware of several concerning ‘red flags’ in the background of a contestant named Priscilla Rainey, including multiple arrests for retaliatory acts against men, the defendants allowed Rainey to participate on the show,” his lawyers wrote.

Viacom wants his suit thrown out because they claim that the case violated their right to free speech. Meanwhile, The Game says Viacom should have had his back and made sure that the girls were fit to be on the show and protect him from something like this.

He also said that she only sued him because she’s salty she got kicked off after getting into it with other women on the show.

Both sides will appear back in court next month.

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