In 1947, Dr. Nathaniel H. Bronner, Sr. and his brother Arthur E. Bronner, Sr. started a business teaching cosmetologists at the Butler Street YMCA here in Atlanta. Eventually, their sister Emma Bronner joined them and from then on, Bronner became a household name.

 Their first trade show was a success with over 300 people on attendance. 
Throughout the years, the beauty show has only continued to grow! It is now held at the Georgia World Congress Center where cosmetologists, hair stylists and many others engage in classes and creative presentations in addition to networking on the trade room floor. 
It’s not uncommon to see colorful, over-the-top hair pieces blocking your view of everything. Actually, it’s all apart of the culture! These women and men are muses to the respective stylists and it’s quite an honor, so let’s take a look at some the most outrageous hair-do’s we’ve ever seen!


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