This past season, many players in the NFL have continued the protest against the injustices within our country by taking a knee.

Their actions have continued to make headlines, and recently the NFL reportedly tried to stop it by bribing their players.

According to TMZ, the NFL reportedly proposed a deal where they would contribute $89 million over the course of seven years to two organizations that catered to “African-American causes,” as well as the Players Coalition.

In return the NFL reportedly wanted the protests to end, but of course, that plan didn’t seem to work.

Players still continued their protests in recent games, making it clear that they did not accept the league’s apparent bribe.

Russel Okung, Marshawn Lynch, and at least six other players from Miami, San Francisco, and New Orleans have shown a form of protesting. From raising a fist during the national anthem to remaining seated or simply taking a knee.

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