Roommates, have you ever noticed that some of the greatest female rappers to have ever graced a mic have been stripperz? Well, with #CardiB is getting ready to crack Billboard Hot 100 top 10 and other rappers like #Eve, #Trina, #KashDoll and #BlacChyna (to be determined)…we got to thinking that there’s got to be more to the psychology behind why strippas make the best club songs!

Back in the day, the hottest songs were always broken in the strip club and seemed that if the strippers weren’t feeling it then it probably wouldn’t do that well outside of the club either. You see, we broke it all the way down and will give you the run down on why this is the case.

Check it:
1) They know how to assert themselves in a male-dominated environment.

Think about it. The strip club is male dominated and so is Hip Hop as a genre. These women know how to perform in male dominant environments where they have to be just as aggressive, assertive, and demanding as men in these situations.

2) They know what songs get the crowd hype!

A good song with a good beat should make anybody want to turn up! The spirit of music will oftentimes make club-goers throw their cash to the beat or throw it in competition with their friends.

3) They’re all about the dollaz and people like stunt music.

One thing that some exotic dancers grow accustomed to is the flashy lifestyles of the ballers that enter the clubs. They know how to appeal to these people based off of what they’ve seen.


4) They represent a persona of hyper-sexuality and female dominance that society openly shames them for except for in the privacy of a club

Men always say that they want a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. In society heightened sexuality is only acceptable behind closed doors. These strippers-turned-rappers represent an alter ego or taboo that women can fantasize about embodying. If only for the full 4 minutes of the song…

5) They’re already dancing to trap or general club music

Let’s face it–trap music is the wave right now. Since the girls already listen to it, they already know what the culture responds to.

6) They know how to catch a beat

Anything you can shake your azz to is probably going to be a hit or go viral.


7) They have mastered the art of seduction

Sex sells, but you can use seduction to get anything you want from anybody.


Check out some of our favorite barz from Trina, Eve, Kash Doll, Joseline Hernandez, Jessica Dime, Mariah Lynn and Cardi B.!




Let Me Blow Ya Mind:
“Drop your glasses/ shake your asses/ Face screwed up like you having hot flashes”

Cardi B.

Bodak Yellow:
“Said, “Lil bitch, you can’t fuck with me if you wanted to/ These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes (ooh)


Look Back At It:
“I gotta an azz so big like the sun/ Hope you got a mile for a d*** I wanna run/ Slap it in my face, shove it down my throat/ Nigga, where your blunt? I can make this pussy smoke”

Kash Doll

For Everybody:
“You say you’ll never be his wifey / The way dem tittes sag/ Milk done gone bad/ bitch I promise he ain’t coppin’

Mariah Lynn

Once Upon A Time (I Was A Hoe)
“But I fuck him though/ And I don’t even care if his mother know/ It’s about that paper on another note/ And I’ll fake a baby like the rubber broke”

Jessica Dime

“Hoes still tryna get the view like Raven/ 5 second come up, make a nigga spend his savings”

Joseline Hernandez

“You Bitches is under me looking like a wannabe”

Blac Chyna

…to be determined!

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