#Roommates, get into this wonderful story! A local couple in Florida always dreamed about adopting kids, and they fulfilled their life long wish in a very special way!

According to The Root, Dashoan and Sofia Olds adopted seven children who are all related but had been separated among several foster families. The couple saw the touching story about the seven kids on the news, and knew that this was their calling.

“It was a done deal from the day we saw the story; before we even met them, it was a done deal. When I saw that picture, it was a done deal for me, honestly,” Sofia Olds told the news station. “We looked at each other and said, ‘We’ve got to do this, it’s time. There’s no maybe; we have to do this.’”

“We always wanted to be a blessing and adopt a child,” Dashoan Olds added.

The family now includes Dave, Erica, Zavian, Leondras, Reginald and Necia.

Won’t God do it!

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