#PettyWapWednesday is in full gear  y’all! As many of you know, former first lady Nancy Reagan passed away on Sunday and many are mourning the loss of a woman who’s mission was to get drugs off of the streets. The shade that’s being thrown however, is that her husband, Ronald Reagan, *allegedly introduced those very drugs to communities of color, ultimately producing a surge in the prison population. 
Tony Newman, director of media relations at the Drug Policy Alliance, went into further detail about it in a blog post, “The Reagans  war at home was not only ineffective, it was disastrous. Upon taking office in 1981, Reagan shifted drug control resources from health agencies to the Department of Justice. It was under Reagan’s guidance in 1986 that the worst of the federal mandatory minimum drug laws were passed into law. These laws included the crack sentencing guidelines that meant that someone possessing just 5 grams (two sugar packets) worth of crack received an automatic 5 years in prison. These laws filled our prisons for decades with low-level drug users.”
Leave it up to social media to bring this hidden truth to the limelight. Twitter’s very own David D. started a petition to have Fetty Wap come perform Trap Queen in lieu of Nancy Reagan’s very long life of work. 
It reads:
“Nancy Reagan passed away on March 6th, 2016, leaving an unforgettable legacy as the First Lady of the United States. But beyond being the First Lady, Nancy Reagan holds the important legacy as being the most famous Trap Queen in American history. 


While her husband, Ronald Reagan, was linking up with Papi to flood the streets with narcotics, Nancy was on TV telling kids to “Say No To Drugs.” Her infamous “anti-drug” phrase encouraged strict laws on drug possession that led to a school-to-prison pipeline we’re still dealing with now. Blacks and Latinos went to jail in droves for possessing drugs her husband gave them. It was an incredible sleight of hand that would make any wannabe Trap Queen hide in shame for her inability to be as diabolical as Nancy. 


So, to commemorate her contribution to the Trap, we’d love to have Fetty Wap perform “Trap Queen” at Nancy’s funeral. To usher her to a better place…where she’s probably cooking pies with her baby.”
If you’d like to sign the petition, click here!

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Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/nancy-reagan-fetty-wap_us_56de0160e4b0000de40592ed

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