Usher Raymond is one of the most gifted entertainers the world has ever seen. He began blessing our ears with hits such as My Way and Nice & Slow as a teenager and bangers like Yeah! and No Limit as an established artist. You would think that a guy like Usher would seize every great opportunity that comes his way, right? Wrong! 
In a #QuestloveSupreme interview with #Questlove for Pandora, the singer explains that the biggest regret of his career was not working with a young #ChrisBrown. 

“So his manager comes in, they show him to me. I was working on an album at this time, they wanted him to perform on this album. I was like okay cool. Then I went to my team and they was like ‘I don’t think you should work with this artist,’ then he left. Chris Brown.”

Later in the interview, Usher revealed that Tevin Campbell’s Babyface-penned hit ‘Can We Talk’ was originally written for him! Drama between Babyface and LA Reid prevented the song from going to Usher and even cost him an album. 

“…when I first signed to LaFace Records, I wanted to do an album with Babyface and LA Reid, right? I signed specifically for that reason. So LA Reid wanted Babyface to work on me and they were going through, you know, a lot of drama at the time. They were kinda severing their ties…he got mad…And he built an entire album for me, and he gave the whole album to somebody else…Tevin Campbell! ‘Can We Talk’…was my song…”

Wow!! Roommates, do you think ‘Can We Talk’ went to the right person? I’d love to see a movie with all of this playing out. Somebody call BET!

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