#Birdman and #ToniBraxton’s relationship crept up quietly but seems to be going quite well. We usually don’t hear too much concerning them as a couple, which is why when Toni spilled this #BaeWatch tea, we grabbed our cups to catch every drop. 
On a recent episode of “#BraxtonFamilyValues,” Toni shed some light on what’s going on behind the scenes with her and her boo…
“B called me the other day, yesterday actually,” she told Tamar on the show, “and he was like “T, I want you to hang out with me, whatever it is, let’s just do something”. I have anxiety and bubbles in my tummy and stuff. I don’t know what’s going on with me.”
“You ever been scared of being happy? I haven’t been happy in a long time outside of work. Work brings me extreme happiness. When I’m on stage and I’m performing, that’s the only time I get those butterflies and I feel totally happy with my life. A romantic relationship? I haven’t had time for that. I should say, I chose not to make time for that, but it’s right here in front of my face: happiness. 
It’s the weirdest thing, ten year ago, I never would’ve imagined me and B would be here. Who knows, this could be a great love affair.”

Yasss, Toni, find your happiness girl!!

source: Tracthertrailher.com

TSR STAFF: Chantel P.! @_popchanny on IG!

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