A pop-up restaurant in Toronto is creating quite the buzz… and not for its food.

According to People, June’s HIV+ Eatery is trying to change people’s perception about HIV.

People who ate at June’s HIV+Eatery on Nov. 7 and Nov. 8 were served food cooked by those who are HIV Positive. The site claims that purpose is to show people that HIV isn’t easily transmissible as many think… “especially not through food.”

The chefs wore aprons that said, “Judge the cooking, not the cook” and “Think you can get HIV from food? Bite me.”

“For many people living with HIV, it’s the stigma that hurts the most,” the press release reads. “June’s HIV+ Eatery is an opportunity to fight stigma with every bite. To come together in a show of love, support and acceptance, and to dispel the myths about HIV that condemn so many to suffer in silence.”

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