Toronto sisters Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, who are being accused of extorting and cyber-bullying a Nigerian billionaire, have been arrested in Lagos, Nigeria. They tried to blackmail businessman Femi Otedola by claiming that they had proof of him cheating on his wife, and threatened to post it to their Instagram accounts, totaling almost 50,000 between the two.

Otedola is worth $1.8 billion and is in the energy business.
Via Toronto Star:

“Following a private investigation, the sisters were arrested, the publication said.

According to a court document dated Dec. 20 and posted to Nigeria Politics, the sisters stand accused of being “responsible” for the website NaijaGistLive and several other social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter used for “cyberbullying” around 274 people, “mostly based in various regions of Africa.

A Toronto home address has been entered in the document for the sisters.”
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Via : Toronto Star

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