It’s safe to say we were all shocked when it was reveled that Tamar Braxton was fired from TV show ‘The Real’ earlier this summer.

Tamar has made it clear that it wasn’t her decision to leave, and even insinuates that one of her co-hosts was behind her firing.

That being said, Tamar unfollowed two of her close friends, singer Monica, and Toya Wright, after the two appeared in different episodes of the new season of The Real.

Toya is detailing their fall out in her new book, “In My Own words…My Real Reality,” and she insinuates that she was never able to get on the show while Tamar was a co-host, but all of a sudden got the gig after her departure.

“My friend was on the talk show for what I believe was two seasons and I was never able to go on there.” She writes in her book. “After my friend was fired, my publicist was able to get me on the show, which I found to be stranger. I never had a convo with my homegirl about what happened to her and how she ended up leaving the talk show. All I knew is that she no longer worked there.” Oop…

Toya went on ‘The Real’ to promote her book, as well as talk about the tragic experience of losing her two brothers. She writes that Tamar unfollowed her right after her appearance on the show, but she had no idea until she was tagged in different posts saying so.

“I was able to release the cover art of my new book on the show. I was super excited! Little did I know, when I was done with the show I was gonna lose a friend and get unfollowed. It was news to my ears as I logged on to my social media accounts to see that I was tagged in all kinds of posts saying that myself and another friend were unfollowed for going on the show.”

Although Monica isn’t named, she may very well be the friend Toya was referring to as she was the first guest of the new season.

Tamar posted a “good riddance” message on Instagram which many believe is a clapback to Toya’s claims:

Was Tamar wrong for ending their friendships, or were her friends wrong for going on the show? Let’s chat!

Toya’s book, “In My Own words…My Real Reality,” is now available for purchase.

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