It’s been a good 12 years since the hit sitcom ‘My Wife &Kids’ went off the air. A lot can happen in 12 years and the ‘kids’ from the show definitely aren’t kids anymore.

Parker Mckenna Posey, who played Kady Kyle, is now 21 years old and poppin’ on IG! She’s come a long way since being the youngest sibling on the show—and it just makes the rest of us feel that much older.
Fun Fact: Parker is currently dating rapper Problem.


Jazz Raycole, who played Claire Kyle—the O.G. Claire Kyle—is now 29 years old and doesn’t look a day over 18 hunty! #GenesPoppin! You may recognize her from her current role as Sydney Fletcher, where she plays a Freshman in college, on BET’s The Quad.


Noah Gray-Cabey, who played Franklin Mumford—aka the genius kid—is also 21 years old now like his then TV boo Parker. It seems like gym is life for little Franklin now!


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Jennifer Freeman, who played the other Claire Kyle, is now 31 years old and low-key still looks the same. It’s safe to say she would be the easiest to recognize on the street as a cast member of the show.


George O. Gore II, who played Michael Kyle Jr., is now 34 years old. He grew up to be nothing like his character as he is pretty low-key with his life, and stays out of trouble!


Via Getty Images Ray Tamarra
Via Getty Images Ray Tamarra

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