So Trey ‘Zaddy’ Songz may be in some hot water because one of his lil thangz is claiming that he hit her in the face.

According to TMZ, the woman says this all went down at a party they were attending in the Hollywood Hills during #AllStarWeekend.

Sis claims that the reason #Trigga was triggered is because she was talking to another man at the party, which led to Trey being upset and then hitting her in the face during an argument–allegedly.

The lady then reportedly left the party solo dolo to go to the hospital, and then went on to speak with the police. The reports claim that her injuries are minor, and that the case will be reviewed by the LA City Attorney to determine if Trey will be charged.

Welp, Trey is yet to address these claims so we’ll be waiting at the door!!


TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ )

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