Recently we reported that some residents in Compton and Willowbrook, California have been complaining about dealing with brown-rusted colored water.

State-officials insisted that the discolored water, which comes from the Sativa Water District, does not pose any threats to residents and that there are no bacteria in the water.

As a response, Sativa provided residents with a rust and iron stain remover.

Compton’s Major, Aja L. Brown, is now speaking out after some of Compton’s residents have spoken about their experience with this contaminated water.


She said in a statement:

Sativa Water District is not governed or operated by the City of Compton. Sativa is operated by the County of Los Angeles, which is governed by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Recently, Sativa’s Water District has experienced brown water issues. Sativa services 1,600 customers, of which 30 live in Compton. Compton has 100,000 residents, our own water system, and water supply, which we have spent $100 Million to improve and are still improving through a water bond paid for by our taxpayers.

In the past, the city gave residents the option to join our system and they declined because Sativa offers their customers flat rate service, regardless of how much water they actually use. Recently, after being notified by residents, we instructed city staff to proceed forward with absorbing the 30 residents into our system – if they choose.

In the past, Sativa was more attractive to residents because they offer flat rate service at a lower rate. However, the lower rate does not afford a capital improvement budget to improve their system.

Compton has expended the necessary capital to secure our water system, which is costly, unpopular, but very necessary.”

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