1.) Why did Meelah from #702 need her girls?

2.) What did #DeborahCox’s heart say?

3.) Why was #Maxwell ‘Fortunate’?

4.) What should #MariahCarey have known from the start?

5.) How long did Tyrese want his sweet lady to be his?

6.) #WhitneyHouston said she’d rather be ______ than unhappy.

7.) What were all the places that #112 said they could do it?

8.) Who was #LaurynHill’s second verse dedicated to?

9.) Who did R. Kelly call when his woman got fed up?

10.) What else is a scrub known as?

Answer Key:

1.) Another woman was trying to take her man.

2.) No, no

3.) To have you, girl

4.) That you’d go and break my heart

5.) A lifetime

6.) Alone

7.) Bedroom, Hallway, Shower, Patio, Kitchen Floor, Anywhere

8.) The men

9.) Tyrone

10.) A busta!

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