#KFC has lost their minds, y’all. They’ve dipped one toe out of the fast food industry and into the luxury item tip with a $10,000 “Internet Escape Pod”!! It’s designed to block your internet signal.

Let’s be real—this thing is practically a reinforced dome-shaped tent. According to #TheVerge, it weights about 8 pounds and is “constructed out of steel and stainless steel mesh, a high-density foam, and enamel paint.” The finishing touch is a chicken drumstick door knob and is topped with a replica of Colonel Sanders himself.

The reason why this thing costs 10 racks is because there’s only one of them!

Would y’all buy this thing?!


TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG, @tallyohhh on Twitter
Source: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/11/20/16679480/kfc-internet-escape-pod-release-faraday-cage

Photo Credit: KFC

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