It’s almost 2018 but looks like we can’t get to the new year without another crazy trend first. #Roommates, have you ever heard of an upside-down Christmas tree? Well, I hadn’t neither until I saw that Target is selling them for over $1000!

The Internet seems to have mixed reviews. Some people are calling it a fun, new whimsical approach to the holiday, and others think it’s down right disrespectful to traditional Christmas. Regardless of what side you fall on, the $1000 price tag definitely has me giving the side eye.

And who’s supposed to be in charge of hanging the tree from the ceiling? It sounds realllyyy complicated if you ask me.

We did a little digging and found out that upside-down trees originated as an old Eastern Europe tradition. Honestly, 2017 has really been topsy-turvy kinda year, so perhaps mixing it up is the perfect way to end it? #Roomies, what do y’all think?

TSR STAFF: Myeisha E.! @myeisha.essex on IG

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