On this season of ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Porsha Williams really let the cameras inside her personal life. We got a chance to see the ups and downs from Porsha and her boyfriend, Todd Stewart…But was it all just for a storyline?

One of our roommates ran into Todd at a club last month in Birmingham, Alabama and he spilled all the tea! Our roommate asked to remain anonymous, but we were able to find a picture of Todd, and a fan, from that night to verify that we he was actually there.

“Todd didn’t wait long at all to tell the” REAL ” about him and Porsha’s ” relationship”, the source revealed.

“They’ve  been friends for years and she asked if Todd would do her a favor for a good story line in hopes to not get kicked off the show,”the source continued. “The night in this picture was the first time Todd has been out in public without her in 4 months because Porsha [allegedly] had forced him to stay inside because she didn’t want the secret to get out, that their relationship was bogus. He said he’s in a relationship wth her until the reunion. There is so much more to be revealed…”

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