Sir The Baptist was spotted out with two women named Alyssa and Amal, who has been linked with #KelvinHayden who once dated #TarajiPHenson. The artist decided to go on Instagram Live where fans proceeded to inquire about where his girlfriend Brandy was. “I don’t know where Brandy at fam, she’s at home somewhere,” he said. “We good, you don’t have to ask about Brandy every time.”

Well, we can exclusively report to you guys that these two are broken up and it’s because of Sir John’s cheating shenanigans! In addition to that, during the #EssenceFestival in New Orleans last week, Sir’s baby mama showed up to his birthday dinner unannounced while Brandy was with him!! Apparently they have still been seeing each other and Brandy didn’t know.

Our source told us, “Once Brandy saw that IG live video, it was a done deal.” They added, “When she sees red flags, that means it’s time to go and that was one too many. She would rather be alone than unhappy!”



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