Three 6 Mafia’s Crunchy Black (@mrkrunchyblack) is back home after doing 11 months locked up! He was arrested last April for cocaine possession and domestic abuse, which was ultimately dropped. The rapper recently inked a deal with Sony and has some a new music on the way including a mixtape called In Living Color! Black told us his plans for developing his new artists and then revealed whether or not there will be a Three 6 Mafia reunion!

On life after being locked up:

CB: “Y’all know me as a rapper, but i”m also a hustler. However, I don’t enjoy talking about slangin’ this or that too much anymore, because the kids look up to us.”

Talia O.: “Well, considering your arrest was very public, how do you plan to move past that?”

CB: “Probation is keeping me away from drugs and I’m working on my label which is called “HHMG”. The kids will get to hear more a little positivity in my new music.”

Like CB said before, he is a hustler at heart and clarified that he will still give us some trap hits, but he’ll also be taking the high road and educating the youth that trappin’ is not the way to go.

By the way, I decided to fill CB in on the Oscars boycott drama that was going on last month. If you remember, Three Six Mafia won an Academy Award for best original song back in 2006, so I thought it was fitting to ask what he thought of black actors’ demands for better representation. “We definitely do need more representation, but I feel that people should just stay in their lane. Like, I’d love to win another Oscar, but I just try to stay in my lane.”

That lead me to commend Crunchy Black for starting his new label, because now, he’s in the perfect position to lead the way for other artists to get that golden statue! The rapper, who’s been a member of Three Six Mafia since 1995, says he’s just going to be taking the time to pour into his artists. “I’m really trying to teach them everything I’ve learned in this game like how to be a good artist, how to have good PR and how to have presence.”

Now the question we’ve all been waiting for, will there be a Three 6 Mafia reunion? “I’m praying that we can do some new music together soon,” Black said. “Juicy is busy doing his thing and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am now, but hopefully we can do a song this year. Shout out to DJ Paul as well”

Black sends a huge RIP to original Mafia members Lord Infamous and Koosta Knicca and a huge shout out to La Chat, Lil Wyte and Gangsta Boo.
PS: Crunchy Black says he is a G-Unit stan and says hey! Maybe he can make an appearance on Power… By the way, where is Power?!
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