You know what they say, once you put your private business on a public platform, public opinion is fair game.

Twitter user #lovelarrieuxx posted a screenshot from her man of him explaining why he deleted his social media.  While some thought his reasoning was ‘romantic’, others thought, ‘nah, he’s definitely out here in these streets’.


Her Bae’s response:


What Trolls had to say:

Sis knows her man and is sure he’s not cheating, as she said she’d ‘bet her life on it’. Imagine letting social media influence dictate your whole relationship and instill trust issues upon you…she wasn’t having it.

What does this say about social media and relationships as a whole? Are you cheating because you delete your apps or are you genuinely over it? Some people in her mentions think he’s cheating, some don’t. What do ya’ll think #Roommates? #LetsChat!

TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ )

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