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#TSRHairDosAndDonts: Should These Celebs Switch Up Their Signature Hair Colors?

Okay #Roommates, we wanna know if these celebs should grab some hair dye or stick with what they've got? For this week’s edition of #TSRWhatIfz we decided to make a few #TSRHairDosAndDonts of our own and jazz up a few of our favorite celebrity’s signature looks. For example, what would Beyonce look like if she swapped out her blond tresses for silver? What if SZA just popped up on us one day with fire red hair? Or what if Sanaa Lathan took her big chop to another level and tried out the Amber Rose? Well, you don’t have to imagine what they’d look like because we created the looks for you! Check them out and tell us which colors you are HERE for! TSR STAFF: Myeisha E.! @myeisha.essex and Kyle Anfernee @Kyle.Anfernee on IG

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