#Roommates, THIS is the type of news we love to share! A South Florida man, who won $52 million in the lottery back in 2010, is using his winnings to rebuild one of Fort Lauderdale’s oldest African-American communities.

According to CBS Miami, Miguel Pilgram is putting his money back into the community with hopes of restoring Sistrunk Boulevard, which was a booming center of black business and culture almost 50 years ago. “Sistrunk was known for music, food and a lot of other experiences,” he said. “I would like to jump start that.”

He’s currently converting a vacant building on the corner of NW 15th Street and Sistrunk Blvd. into a new restaurant and blues club. He also has plans to renovate a three-story building across the street with retail stores, lofts and a performing arts center.

“For me, it’s [about] preserving the community as a whole,” he told reporters. “There is a need, and in my mind, an obligation, to invest there.”

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