Shoutout to my hometown Prince George’s County! Kevin Durant is out here doing some amazing things for the community! The NBA champ has established a partnership with his hometown to help those less fortunate attend college.

According to the Washington Post, Kevin invested $10 million in College track, which is a program that is designed to help kids throughout their entire education journey.

“I want them to see the world,” Durant told Heath. “I want them to see where people are from and see that there are things outside their world. I don’t know exactly or at what pace that they will get it, but there is a world outside that they need to see.”

What’s even more amazing is that Durant’s College Track branch will reportedly be the first to be running on the East Coast.

“We didn’t have the resources to get our minds thinking about the next level,” Durant said. “I want to do my part, whatever it is. If College Track students want to be the next Steve Jobs or the next influencer or the next tastemakers, they can get there.”

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