It’s that’s time of the year when we reflect on the year we had and look forward to the new year ahead, 2016!

A lot has happened in 2015 and some people came out on top, while others simply didn’t make out so well.

We’ve concocted a list of the biggest losers in 2015. Check out the list below!


        1. Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle came to prominence as the ambassador for Subway sandwiches, after he lost a ton of weight eating at the restaurant chain. This year his reputation was completely tarnished after he plead guilty to child pornography charges. Fogle was sentenced to over 15 years in prison!

2. Donald Trump

The business magnate and presidential hopeful may still be in the race, but his remarks landed him on our L list. The Trump is known for saying off the wall stuff, but this year he really had us going “WTF”?!

During the summer he launched his campaign and immediately began with racial comments towards the Latino community. He targeted Mexican immigrants by saying they were “criminals, rapists and killers.” The racial slurs cost him his business partnerships with NBCUniversal- notably his shows “The Apprentice” and the Miss Universe Organization.  He didn’t end there, he also made racial comments about Muslims. He suggested making Muslim-Americans be required to register with a government database! SMH!

3. Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was once known for warming all of our hearts as our TV dad on The Cosby Show, as well as making us laugh through his stand-up comedy. His reputation took a major shift when women came out the woodwork claiming they were either drugged, raped, or both by the comedian.  So far over 40 women have come forth suing him, dating their assault all the way back to 1965! Thus, his image and career tarnished as a result.

3. Stitches


The Miami native found himself in a bad situation after propelling countless feuds…with damn near everybody. Rapper The Game was not the one though, as him and his camp got stitches roughed up!

The Game was at Story Nightclub in Miami when Stitches posted on the gram about coming up there to fight man to man. Well, when Game and crew came out the club his manager Wack 100 gave Stitches them hands! With one punch he went tumbling to the ground. Stitches and Wack got arrested.

Stitches continued the L train when his own homeboys jumped him less than 24 hours later…and it was all on video.

4. Ronda Rousey

Rousey, the former  UFC boxer bantamweight champ, lost her title to Holly Holm in November, putting her on our L list. She really is a winner in her career but she took a huge hit publicly. She was so close to leaving the year on top…le sigh. The crazy thing about it is she predicted her own defeat on The Tonight Show a month prior to the fight. Moral of the story? Have some humble pie, and don’t give your opponent tips on how to defeat you!

5. Meek Mill

Oh Meek… He started of the year seemingly well by bagging his dream girl Nicki Minaj. He then dropped his sophomore album “Dreams Worth More Than Money” in June.  The album was a success debuting at number one on the Billboard charts, selling 247,752 copies in the first week. Things went downhill however, when he decided to send out a tweet about former friend Drake. “Stop comparing Drake to me too…He don’t write his own raps!”

 Drake fired back to his Twitter fingers with a diss song…actually two diss songs. One of them, “Back To Back,” got regular air play and a Grammy nod…ouch! Meeks “Wanna Know”‘diss record didn’t fare so well and was later deleted from his soundcloud. As of recent, a judge found him guilty of probation violation, which may result in jail time. He also is losing out on big bucks since he can’t do gigs/work outside of Philly!

6. Raven Symone

Last year Raven took a major L when she sat down with Oprah and said “I’m not African American- I’m American.” Earlier this year she got herself back on the list! During an interview with E! News, she tried to clarify her comments but did one even worse. She said her results from revealed she was from every “continent” in Africa except one. Lawd! Africa is a continent with different counties! It didn’t end there, she topped of her year on an episode of ‘The View’ when she spoke on name discrimination. She said ” I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea.” ALL BAD..especially if your name is RAVEN-SYMONE!!!


7. Josh Duggar

The so-called Christian reality star, admitted that he had an affair after his name showed up on the Ashley Madison site hack. He also fessed up to molesting five girls when he was a teen, as well as viewing pornography.

8. Rachel Dolezal

She was the President of the NAACP Spokane, Washington chapter until June 15th, when she resigned following allegations of her lying about her racial identity! Her own parents outed her, saying she was a “white woman passing as black.” The world criticized her and called her a fraud. She admitted last month that she was indeed white after months of dancing around the obvious.

9. Martin Shkreli

The 32-year-old Pharmaceutical exec/ entrepreneur became the talk of the town after it was revealed that he was the owner of the coveted $2 million Wu Tang album. Shortly after the discovery, he was arrested on securities fraud charges relating to a biotech company he headed. He may also get his possessions and the coveted album seized by the Feds! Yikes!

10. Iggy Azalea


Iggy undoubtedly had an amazing 2014 with her number 1 smash hit “fancy,” but unfortunately 2015 didn’t bring the same fortune. She got into social media beefs, and was dragged for filth with her freestyle and performance memes. To top it off, her “Pretty Girls” collab with Britney Spears tanked and her scheduled tour was cancelled!

11. Chipotle

The restaurant was a popular hotspot and a fav for many (including myself). In October there was national coverage of an E. Coli outbreak that surfaced throughout the country. The outbreaks started in July and continued all the way to December, causing stocks to plummet drastically.

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