Roommates, the #FourthOfJuly is here which means that a lot of us will be hosting cookouts for close friends and family. Last year, we let you guys know which *white or non-brown* celebs were invited to the cookout based on how down they are for the culture.

First and foremost, #KatyPerry will not be attending this year due to recent comments about President Obama, so, without further adieu, here is our list of celebs that can definitely attend our cookout!

1.) Joe Biden- Now, y’all know that after holding President Obama down for eight years that our buddy Joe can come to the cookout. He seems to love some chocolate anyway!


2.) Gary Owens- We invited Gary last year and want him back! He is always the life of the party and we can’t wait to see his new dance moves.

3.) Rob Kardashian- Rob became the proud father of Dream Kardashian, so he’s invited by default now.

4.) Demi Lovato- Demi came for Donald Trump so she is definitely invited.

5.) Betty White- We love our girl Betty!!! You know she will have us rolling with all the jokes. Also, you never know if she’s be looking for a nice young chocolate brotha to spice up her life if you know what I mean.


6.) Joseph Sikora – Now you KNOW Tommy is invited to the cookout! He’s our boy!


7.) Post Malone- Of course, we’re going to ask him if he wants to be on the 1’s and 2’s

8.) Bernie Sanders- Bernie Sanders is more than invited to the cookout, Roommates. He can host this year! Everybody loves them some Bernie.


9.) Ariana Grande- You know we love our girl Ariana, and I know she’ll surely love our food too!

10.) Paris Hilton- While she won’t be on the 1’s and 2’s (whoever thought that tried it) she’ll be hip to all the music..



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