Answers are being demanded after 27-year-old DeJuan Guillory was shot and killed by a deputy in Mamou, Louisiana.
The lawyer representing DeJuan’s girlfriend, Dequince Brown, who was on the scene and is now in jail, says the pair were out riding his ATV on Chad Lane when they were pulled over by Evangeline Parish deputy Paul Holden LaFleur. The deputy allegedly asked them for their IDs, and when they objected, they were demanded to exit the vehicle. Cooperating, the pair got out of the vehicle but not too much time had passed before the officer and DeJuan got to a heated argument. Dequince alleges the disagreement turned into an altercation. Then she says the officer told DeJuan to get on the ground. He then proceeded to shoot DeJuan three-to-four times in the back.
After shooting him, the deputy neglected to call for backup or medical attention. The lawyer told The Root that he went back to his car for for “an extended period of time.” Luckily, during the scuffle, LaFleur dropped his radio and Dequince was the one who called for help.
Currently, Dequince is in jail on a first-degree murder charge. According to her lawyer, she was “defending her boyfriend from being executed.” He goes on to explain that her defense was harmless as she is only 110 lbs.
What’s even more fishy about the situation is that officer LeFleur claims he was in the area “responding to a burglary call” but no one can cosign any such burglaries at that date, time, and location.
DeJuan leaves behind three children. Roommates, we’ll keep you posted as more details of this heart breaking story are released.
Source: The Root,
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