Our hearts are heavy for the family of #KingstonFrazier, the 6-year-old boy who went missing in Jackson, Mississippi. He was sadly found dead in his mother’s stolen car. 

According to reports around 1:15 a.m Thursday, Kingston was asleep in the backseat of his mother’s car when she ran into Kroger’s for just a few minutes. Some teenagers stole the running car and fled the parking lot. 

An Amber Alert was issued shortly after. The car, a Toyota Camry was last reported traveling northbound on I-55. 

The vehicle was recovered just before 11 a.m. On Madison County, Mississippi with Kingston in the back seat with at least one gun shot wound, according to police. 

Authorities are working hard to solve this case as police have confirmed a multi-jurisdictional investigation is underway. 

Arrests have already been made! We hear 18-year-old DeAllen Washington and 18-year-old Dwan Wakefield, and 19-year-old Byron McBride have been taken into custody in connection to the tragedy and will all be charged with Capitol murder. 

Our prayers are with the family during this difficult time. 

Source: Fox News, https://www.google.com/amp/www.foxnews.com/us/2017/05/18/6-year-old-kingston-frazier-found-dead-inside-stolen-car-after-being-abducted-in-mississippi.amp.html
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