#TSRThirstyThursdayz: Trap Bae Edition - The Shade Room
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#TSRThirstyThursdayz: Trap Bae Edition

#TSRThirstyThursdayz 💦: Okay, #Roommates, it's #ThirstyThursday so y’all know we have some more fellas ready to quench your thirst! This week’s theme is brought to you by popular demand. While some guys like to wear suits and uniforms to work, we can’t forget about the brothas who are self employed and get that money by any means!!! (You know, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. _______________________________________ Read through each of of our #TrapBae stats and tell us which zaddy looks like the full package! _______________________________________ Now, we aren't doing any match-making today, so y'all are gonna have to get creative and shoot your shot yourselves!