Roommates, it’s about that time for some trivia! This time we’re taking it back to some of our favorite early 90’s hits. Leave the answers in the comments!

1.) Michael Jackson wanted his girl to remember_______.

2.) Why did Jodeci want to talk?

3.) Aaliyah said that at your best_____.

4.) What did En Vogue want you to hold onto?

5.) LL Cool J said that he needs this type of girl

6.) When did Will Smith sit back and unwind?

7.) What did Whitney Houston have?

8.) How did Boyz II Men say they’d make love to you?

9.) Why didn’t SWV know what they were gonna do?

10.) What was Mariah Carey’s vision of?

If you’re stumped, then here are the answers!

1.) The time when they fell in love
2.) They really wanna know you
3.) You are love
4.) Your love
5.) Around the way girl
6.) Summertime
7.) Nothing
8.) Like you want them to
9.) They’re so into you
10.) Love

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet

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