#Roommates, we’ve been keeping up with the trial of Nicki Minaj’s brother #JelaniMaraj and new details have emerged.

According to @NYDailyNews, a forensic expert testified on Tuesday that she couldn’t directly link Jelani’s DNA sample to the one found on the pajama pants of his alleged accuser.

A woman by the name of #ErikaZiemak, who once worked as a forensic geneticist for the medical examiner’s office was called in as a witness and testified that there was a “mixture” of DNA on the accuser’will keep you posted on any other new information #Roommates!s pajama bottoms.

However, according to @PageSix, she did say that there was a “less than 1 in 348 billion chance” that the DNA found on the then-11-year-old’s clothes belonged to someone other that Jelani Maraj.

We will keep you posted on any other new information #Roommates!

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