#Roommates, it is getting messy and messy fast with the divorce between #JillScott and her estranged husband #MikeDobson. SO messy that Jill has now asked for a restraining order against him on the same day she filed for divorce!

According to @Bossip, under the restraining order, neither spouse can harass or stalk the other, no one can trash talk the other in front of their kids and neither spouse can “spend money excessively” without the court’s permission. Along with that, if either one of them would like to blow some cash they need to provide receipts of their purchases that the other party can request to see!

In a statement to Bossip, Mike Dobson reveals he was “blindsided” by the divorce news and was unaware of any restraining order.

Source: https://bossip.com/1601197/exclusive-jill-scott-gets-restraining-order-against-hubby-mike-dobson/

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