Yesterday, we reported that #GloriaAllred was representing a woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted by someone at #ChrisBrown’s home in February 2017.

In her lawsuit, the woman, who is only known as “Jane Doe,” alleges “that she was repeatedly sexually assaulted while falsely imprisoned in one of the bedrooms of Chris Brown’s house.” She does not mention that the singer was involved physically but was allegedly present.

New details about the case has been released and the woman described what she reportedly went through in Brown’s home. The woman alleges that she attended a party at the singer’s home and was offered drugs. Later, an unidentified female friend of Brown’s allegedly forced her and a few other women into a room, had the door blocked with a couch and told them to hook up with Brown and another friend of his named #LowellGrissom.

Doe says she tried to leave, but was grabbed by the throat by Brown’s female friend who then forced her to perform oral sex on her while she was menstruating. She was allegedly pushed down on the bed where the woman “literally sat on [her] face, using her legs to pin [her] down while forcing [her] to perform oral sex on her,” according to court documents obtained by @TMZ_Tv.

Doe says she didn’t realize what was going on until she went to the bathroom and saw that her face was covered in blood. She tried to leave again, but alleges that she was subsequently raped by Grissom. The woman was allegedly held up to a washer machine and raped again by Grissom. Once she was able to escape, Doe went to a rape treatment center and filed a police report.

Her attorney Gloria Allred describes this case as “one of the most horrific sexual assault cases” she’s seen in her career.

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Source: TMZ

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