Recently a video of a woman breaking into a local McDonald’s restaurant through the drive-thru window went viral on social media.

On Thursday, a 27-year-old woman was arrested in connection with the fast food restaurant break-in. She is now being charged with burglary and theft.

According to WBAL TV, Jessica Marie Cross turned herself into police after learning she was a wanted woman. Social media officially dubbed Cross the “hamburglar,” after surveillance footage showed her helping herself through the drive-thru window.

She later pushed herself through the window and entered the restaurant. Investigators determined that a total of $1,400 went missing after Cross’ forced entry.

Authorities were called to the McDonald’s around 5am when an employee said she arrived to work to find the cash registers “disturbed and the office door open.”

Cross pulled up to the drive-thru around 1am where she attempted to place an order, but the restaurant was closed. She proceeded to push herself through the window, which was not locked.

Aside from the cash, police believe Cross also stole a purse, food items, and Happy Meal toys. She was also reportedly caught on video trying to disable the establishment’s surveillance video and wiping her fingerprints from the area.

After posting the surveillance footage, police say they received multiple tips that helped them identify Cross as the suspect.


If you missed the footage check it out below:


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