Two Burger King employees are out of a job after they tried to turn the fast food restaurant into a trap house!

According to Complex, Garret Norris, 20, and Meagan Dearborn, 19, were allegedly selling marijuana to customers who asked for their fries to be “extra crispy.” They would hand the weed to their customers through the drive thru window. Their little side job was ruined after someone tipped off the police.

An undercover officer visited the restaurant and pulled up to the drive-thru, and ordered some “extra crispy fries. When he pulled to the front he was handed a cup filled with weed!

Garret and Meagan were arrested and were released on $2,500 bail. Garret faces charges of possession of an unlawful substance and intent to distribute, and Meagan has been charged with conspiracy to distribute and unlawful possession of alcohol.


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