Islamic State suicide bombers have reportedly claimed responsibility for two attacks that claimed the lives about many worshipers and police officers that were stationed outside of the churches.

According to the New York Times, the first attack happened around 9:30 at St. Georges Church in the city of Tanta.

During a Palm Sunday Mass, security officials and witnesses say that a suicide bomber barged passed security measures and discharged his explosives in front of the pews near the alter.

As a result, at least 27 people were killed and about 71 others were injured.

The second attack happened hours later at the gates of the St. Marks Cathedral in the city of Alexandria. There an explosion killed about 13 people and injured about 21 others, according to the Health Ministry.

The patriarch of the Egyptian Coptic Church was in the church at the time, but he was not harmed.

The terror group claimed responsibility for the deadly blasts on Sunday through the Amaq news agency, which acts as its news wire. It said that a “security detachment” had targeted the churches in Tanta and Alexandria.

Ahmed Abu Zeid, a spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Affairs Ministry, said in a tweet, “Terrorism hits Egypt again.”


This story is still developing.



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