Two Troy High School students were arrested on Wednesday after they were overheard plotting a school shooting at the Fullerton campus.

According to The Orange County Register, on Tuesday the two 16-year old boys were overheard at a school athletic event plotting to “shoot up” the school, according to Sgt. Jon Radus of the Fullerton Police Department.

The person who overheard them speaking about the attack secretly took a photo of them and reported it to the school’s resource officer on Wednesday morning. The two boys reportedly talked about the planned shooting being “bigger than Columbine.”

Columbine is a high school shooting that took place in Colorado in 1999. There were two students who killed a total of 12 classmates and one teacher.

The officer spoke with the administrations from both Troy High School and Fullerton Joint Union High School, who identified the two students. Investigators say the boys researched school shootings and weapons as recent as Tuesday.

Police served warrants and searched various locations in Anaheim, and no weapons were found. Sgt. Radus said, “An immediate plan would have meant we uncovered weapons and a specific date and time.”

He added that not having those particular details is “just as, if not more, concerning because we didn’t know when this was going to unfold.”

He continued, “We truly believe countless lives were saved by the person who reported the boys. People who hear red flags should report those red flags because you don’t want to look back and know you could have stopped a tragedy.”

Both boys were taken Orange County Juvenile Hall and are being held on “suspicion of making criminal threats and conspiracy to commit a felony.” The case will be handed over to the District Attorney’s Office to determine if the boys will be charged.



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