#Roommates, it looks like Tyga may reportedly have to cough up some major cash to hand over to a former business associate of his.

According to TMZ, the rapper’s former business associate, Chuon Guen Lee, reportedly filed documents in a Los Angeles Superior Court asking that a judge help assist in collecting the $1.9 million judgment she won against him last year.

Back in 2015, Lee sued Tyga for allegedly “stealing their t-shirt idea for a company they were starting at the time called Last Kings.” He reportedly lost the lawsuit and was ordered to pay up.

Since then, the amount has reportedly increased to $2,148,411.

Lee claims that she has not been able to track down Tyga. If the court signs off on Lee’s request, the rapper may get a visit from the sheriff deputy.

Tyga has not made any comments on these claims.



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