Last month, #TylerTheCreator had accused Tidal of manipulating streaming records in order to affect the outcome of who would snag the #1 spot on the Billboard chart this week. He called out the streaming service after they allowed Meek Mill’s #WinsAndLosses album to be streamed for free in front of the subscriber paywall which he thought would affect the chart. The reason why Tyler was so passionate about the reported numbers was because #FlowerBoy could have been his first #1 album.

Flower Boy along with Wins & Losses and #LanaDelRey’s Lust For Life albums were are all projected to sell within the 85,000-90,000 range so there was no telling whose album would be #1. Unfortunately for Tyler, the alleged bots that he accused Tidal of using to boost Meek Mill’s streaming numbers must not have done a good job, because neither of their albums claimed the #1 spot.

Lana Del Rey barely edged both rappers out of the top spot by selling 107,000 copies while Tyler sold 106,000 and Meek sold roughly 102,000.

What a bummer! Maybe next time, Tyler!


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