Uber is taking over the world! Or it at least it seems like it, because not only is this $62 billion company making your travels easier, but they are now going to make you wait less, getting what you need delivered  right at your door-step!


It’s called, UberRUSH, which began testing last fall with independent retailers. Now, it’s stepped up to big retailers to serve a wider audience. It’s for consumers who are in a “rush” for a delivery to be processed, and will take place at retailing sites like Nordstrom, Rent The Runway, 1800Flowers, Cole Haan, and Google Express, according to Mashable.


So far, this will be only available in the United States in select cities, like Chicago, New York and San Fransisco to deliver in less-than-a-day clothes and other retailing goods! 


This might give fast delivery companies like Postmates and DoorDash a run for its money after this huge business decision.


To give an example on how this UberRUSH is supposed to operate, let’s say you were shopping through the Nordstrom’s app, once you get to the checkout portion they will give you two options: receive your order in 5-7 business days or spend $5 more to have your item shipped to you within hours by selecting UberRUSH!


This system will in-fact help Nordstrom’s interaction with their customers and will raise Uber’s revenue of the relationship they build with their customers as well!


And get this, you don’t have to be a current Uber customer or have the app at all to do this! Everything will be optional to you whether you want your item hours or days later through the brands and retailing companies that offer this through their service!





TSR Intern: Charise W.

Instagram: @planet_reese





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