A United States Postal Service worker is in some serious hot water after she got caught stealing gift cards out of the mail room, and decided to purchase some sex toys… wonder if it was bedroom Kandi?

According to NYDN, Iesha Conley, 48, got busted after a West Nyack woman reported that she’d sent a $100 American Express gift card to a family in Floral Park, Long Island, but when the family member opened the letter the gift card was nowhere to be found.

The woman reached out to American Express and they told her that the card had been activated and that the person who used it bought three adult sex toys on Groupon.

To make matters worse she also tried to pay her electric bill with the stolen card! Security cameras at the facility where Conley worked show her ripping open and removing the contents from dozens of greeting card envelopes,” according to the complaint.

Stealing is never the answer #Roommates!

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