Usher is reportedly setting the record straight and letting it be known that he did not sleep with Quantasia Sharpton.

On Monday Sharpton said in a press conference the singer selected her to go backstage at one of his concerts and later they hooked up. She claims the singer failed to tell her that he allegedly had genital herpes when they had sexual contact.

According to TMZ, a source revealed that Usher told them he might have pulled Sharpton up on stage, he doesn’t remember, but he definitely did not hook up with her.

When it comes to the reason why he may have pulled Sharpton up on stage, the source said Usher “looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels.”

Another source added he believes it’s  “an esteem booster” to choose multiple people Usher sees in the audience and single them out.

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