On Monday an accuser came forward claiming that she had sexual contact with Usher, and that he failed to inform her about his alleged herpes diagnosis.

Now Usher’s insurance company reportedly claims that he did not mention his alleged diagnosis, and therefore they shouldn’t have to defend him in the recently filed lawsuits.

According to People Magazine, court documents were filed on Monday in a Los Angeles Superior Court. The New York Marine and General Insurance Company believe they are not responsible for Usher’s defense in the suits filed in Georgia and California, or any other possible lawsuits to come.

The insurance company reportedly claims that the policy between them and Usher “does not apply to ‘bodily injury’ … arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases by insured.”

In the documents seen by People Magazine, the New York Marine claims that their policy states that it “does not provide coverage for an ‘insured’ who has an intentionally concealed or misrepresented any material fact or circumstance.”

The company also alleges that the singer never made mention of a settlement from a prior lawsuit in 2012, which was reportedly for $1.1 million, regarding the same issue.

The insurance company is now asking that a judge rule that they are not compelled to represent the superstar.

They have already started their defense for the Georgia lawsuit and has asked to be reimbursed if the judge grants their request.


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