Back in August when white nationalists took over #Charlottesville, 20-year old #DeAndreHarris was brutally beaten with wooden sticks and poles and was kicked by six men. The attack was caught on camera and subsequently went viral. Unfortunately, a warrant was issued for Harris’s arrest on an unlawful wounding charge yesterday by a magistrate court.

This is essentially the same crime that Harris’s attackers should be charged with and his lawyer S. Lee Merritt calls the charge “retaliatory.” He also reiterated to the Washington Post that Harris did not instigate the fight. “We find it highly offensive and upsetting, but what’s more jarring is that he’s been charged with the same crime as the men who attacked him,” he said.

Activist and reporter #ShaunKing was not here for the mess and got some things off of his chest!


Yesterday evening I received a text message from my good friend, Attorney Lee Merritt, that the Charlottesville Virginia Police Department had just done something unthinkable – they issued an arrest warrant for DeAndre Harris – the young brother who was brutally assaulted by a mob of white supremacists earlier this summer. I’d like to say that it’s a baffling development, but it isn’t. Every single Neo-Nazi and white supremacist they’ve arrested has been identified by me and a team of volunteers. We have literally had to find the names, addresses, and criminal histories of these men, turn them over to police, then basically force them, through making thousands of phone calls and emails, to issue the arrest warrants. Even though the entire assault is on video, and the men are clearly seen breaking the law, they’ve had to be cornered into justice. Please allow me to remind you that DeAndre was beaten bloody with fists, feet, flag poles, sticks, shields, and batons – in the parking lot of the Charlottesville Police Department – and that this police department stood down while white supremacists took over their entire town – beating people and eventually killing a young woman – Heather Heyer, by mauling her and dozens of others with one of their cars. I want to be clear on something. I’ve watched every single video, and have seen every single photo, taken that day from Charlottesville. I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching it, moment by moment, block by block, person by person. DeAndre Harris and Heather Heyer were actually from Charlottesville. They showed up that Saturday in their hometown to stand up for their city and to show the hundreds of bigots who traveled there from all over the country to terrorize Charlottesville that it was not OK with them. Right before a mob of men beat DeAndre, a man used a flag pole that had a sharp tip on the end of it, and tried to spear DeAndre’s friend with it. DeAndre, who had never been violent or arrested a day in his life, swung to try back the man away from his friend. That’s it. The Charlottesville Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for DeAndre Harris for that. He will turn himself in later today.

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