Victoria’s Secret revealed who will be wearing their fantasy bra at this years Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and it’s none other than supermodel Jasmine Tookes.

In a recent Instagram video, the model shared how excited she was to wear the VS fantasy bra–and shortly after, she had to read someone in the comments real quick!

Some fans asked her why she looked so white, while others asked her if she bleached her skin. Jasmine then responded to a fan who said, “Exactly what I was thinking I think she bleached herself she used to look black.”


Jasmine was not here for it and had to clap back with the quickness. She said, “@alena.alekk are you kidding me!?!?!? Who in the world does that? First of all. Lighting is everything and not to mention I’m way darker in the summer and much lighter towards the winter. My skin tone changes all the time just like everyone else.”


Bloop! She then addressed the backlash again on Twitter saying, “Just CRAZY!!! I love my skin! It’s my favorite thing about myself.”

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Via: Cosmopolitan

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