Y’all know Vince Herbert right? Tamar Braxton’s husband and business partner? Well, he reportedly was just ordered to pay Sony close to $4 million.

Sony is coming for Vince over a deal made back in 2013. Apparently, Sony made a deal with Vince to find new talent, and in return, they would receive payments from Interscope Records. In the lawsuit, Sony claimed that Vince started to intercept payments from Interscope back in October 2015.

Vince had one job — to respond to the lawsuit. Because he failed to do so, the judge issued a default judgment which now, including interest comes out to a whopping $3,738,515.93.

Y’all know Tamar is about to come up on hella extra time to focus on her marriage — per her confirmation!


Source: TMZ, http://www.tmz.com/2017/09/27/tamar-braxton-husband-vince-herbert-ordered-to-pay-sony/

TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny

Photo: @gettyimages

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