You guys…Tiffany’s has me STRESSED this afternoon by their new home line…I’m like…whose home Tiff? Definitely not mine—I’m definitely not the target audience here because listen!!

The high-end jewelry company recently released an ‘everyday objects’ line, and all I can say is these prices aren’t for errrdzaay people!

The line includes: $1000 tins—literally, a tin can; $950 paper plates—LOL; $9,000 balls of yarn; and let me just say, if I’m paying $600 for a first aid kit, it better come with a medical degree attached to it.

Even if ya’ll had it, are these purchases you would make? I’m just saying, I could get most, if not all of these items at the dollar store—but like I said earlier, I’m not the target audience for this one.

TSR Staff: Thembi (@ThembiTV_)


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