Wendy Williams is so busy up in everyone else’s tea that she might want to check her husband’s tea cup because it is being reported that he’s been living a double life!

According to Daily Mail, Wendy’s hubby, Kevin Hunter, 46, has been having an affair with a 32-year-old massage therapist named Sharina Hudson. To make matters worse he allegedly moved moved sis into a $765,000 house which is apparently 9 miles from his home he shares with his beloved wife. Both of their names are on the mailbox outside the home alongside a third person, Nikki Hudson, who is believed to be a relative of Hudson’s.

I don’t know how this one went unnoticed by Wendy but Kevin has allegedly been seeing this woman for the past 10 years! What’s even more interesting about this is that a couple days ago Wendy was photographed at the beach with her husband and that same night he was out running around with the mistress.

It’s unknown if Wendy knows but a source spoke exclusively with DailyMail and said, “Kevin is with Sharon three or four times a week, often staying over.”

“They go to the gym together, they go out to restaurants together as if they’re a normal couple. But then he goes home to Wendy as if everything is normal there, too. He’s living a double life.”

Daily Mail was able to uncover all this juicy tea after following the two around for a year!

Now if the reports are true, it’ll be interesting to see what Wendy has to say about these allegations.

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